Why Psychotherapy?

There is a lot of day to day ‘noise’ going on in our minds, sometimes it’s so ingrained in us that we don’t even realise or remember how it started or why, and feel that maybe it was always like that. Or the tail begins to wag the dog, so to speak, and we feel controlled and out of control at the same time. Sometimes it feels as if life has thrown us in an unexpected way and we feel we can’t cope. We may reach a point where it just won’t do anymore, somehow we feel there’s more to us than that, but where do we start?

Our patterns of feeling, perception and behaviour develop in our unconscious, an area that is outside of our awareness.  This unconsciousness is key to understanding how psychotherapy can be of help.

In psychotherapy, therapist and client work together to gain personal insight or awareness in this area, for here is where the goal and gift of psychotherapy is realised, and we can choose how to re-shape/re-kindle ourselves in light of this.